Innovator Spotlight – Phill Swanson

We’re incredibly honored to introduce you to Phill Swanson, an incredible leader in innovation at Whirlpool. He’s already offered so much insight as we’ve grown and we’re excited to see what he continues to tackle on his journey, both at Whirlpool and in his personal life! Phill Swanson (Advance Development and Innovation Lead at Whirlpool Corporation) … Continue reading Innovator Spotlight – Phill Swanson

Innovator Spotlight

This week we’re getting to know a leader in our community who is helping individuals, organizations, and government agencies navigate the disruptive change known as the great shift to a digital work economy. As we build our platform that helps organizations, from F500 to sole proprietorships, leverage the tools they need to advance, we look … Continue reading Innovator Spotlight

Meet the Bricleir Interns

At Bricleir, we’re huge supporters of bringing on teammates who want to learn and grow together, which is why we’re excited to be hosting four new interns participating in the University of Notre Dame’s Silicon Valley Semester. This group will be helping us out with engineering and business development. Read on to learn a bit … Continue reading Meet the Bricleir Interns