Employee Spotlight – Mark Evans

We’re so excited to welcome Mark Evans as our Head of Sales at Bricleir. We know his experience and insight will guide us in our next growth phase. Want to reach him? Email mark@bricleir.com.

What path led you to Bricleir?

Passion and desire to build the bridge between the tech ecosystem and enterprises to drive innovation.

What are going to be tackling at Bricleir and what are you hoping to gain from this experience?

– Evangelizing the Bricleir Social network and marketplace for innovators.

– Selling the vision and value of Bricleir solutions and services to three primary customer groups: Enterprise, VCs, and Startups. 

– Closing deals and supporting and driving success for each engagement.

My desire is to help build a sustainable ecosystem for innovation where problems can be identified and solutions implemented.

What does innovation mean to you or why do you consider it to be so important?

Innovation at its core is adaptation. Innovators and those around innovation tend to complicate its meaning and purpose. 

Further, I like to break innovation into two categories to help identify opportunity and define purpose.

-Innovating the core business
-Creating new business (biz models, markets…)

What is one thing you think Silicon Valley gets right when it comes to innovation and one thing you hope to see improved?

Silicon Valley is great at creating and scaling products and businesses. Silicon Valley needs to improve its communication with the outside world. 

One of your favorite business quotes or lessons?

“Relentlessly Resourceful” – Paul Graham