Intern Spotlight – Ashley Panousis

School: University of Notre Dame

Class Year: 2021

Minor/Major: Computer Engineering

Linkedin URL:

What is one (or some) of your favorite Quotes/Podcasts/Books?

I love the podcast The Anthropocene Reviewed. Once a month, there is a short episode which is a deep-dive into elements of the human-centered planet. The topics range from Kentucky Blue Grass to the Taco Bell Breakfast Menu to E. Coli. I love this podcast because it is great to hear about the fascinating history behind everyday ideas. There’s often a lot more behind the scenes.

Who is an innovator (founder, investor, businessman, scientist, etc.) that you admire?

Rosalind Franklin. She is an inspiring example of a powerful woman in technology, and her perseverance and dedication for solving scientific mysteries is admirable.

Name a startup, app, or piece of technology that you’re especially fond of and why.

My laptop. It is a piece of technology that I interact with every day and allows me to do everything from research to entertainment.

What excites you about working for/with Bricleir? What are you hoping to gain from this experience?

I am very excited to be working in a start-up! I love the idea of being involved in multiple aspects of the business and for the work that I’m doing to be visibly valuable for the company as a whole. I am hoping to gain experience working on web-apps as well as expanding my current knowledge of back-end frameworks.