Intern Spotlight – Luke Dennen

This fall, we’re excited to welcome Luke to the team! He’s working closely with Jared in South Bend, IN and has already made a splash in supporting business development efforts. We know that this is only the beginning of his journey with us and can’t wait to see him knock this role out of the park.

Luke Dennen

School: University of Notre Dame

Major: Accounting

Favorite Quote:  “It is not the critic who counts.”

If you could get dinner with any investor or innovator who would it be?  Josh Wolfe because of the excitement he brings to the table and his ability to capitalize on complex initiatives.

What excites you about working for/with Bricleir? The ability to help scale a business, with a great group of people, that has massive networking power and can serve any industry.

What are you hoping to gain from your experience with Bricleir?  To learn about enterprise software and the sales process. I would like to engage in interesting conversations with executives, investors, or founders to get them onto the platform or learn more about the industry.

Name a startup or piece of technology that you’re especially fond of and tell us why. CTRL-Labs because of its realistic ability to change human life forever.