Innovator Spotlight – Jeff Galarneau

Meet the CTO of Infinite Campus, an information technology software that helps K12 districts manage their daily operations. The company creates tools for learning management in the classroom, cafeteria operations, emergency messaging and even a suite of HR/Finance software. Because these tools are all integrated in one system, Infinite Campus drives efficiency and opportunity within school districts.

Jeff Galarneau (Chief Technology Officer, Infinite Campus)

What was the item or activity you couldn’t live without growing up?

Outdoor activities

What is your favorite word or quote?

Be kind.

If you could have one talent you don’t already possess what would it be?

Instant memory recall.

What do you look for in a business when funding or choosing to do work with them?

Culture. Companies without a dominate culture are unlikely to be successful. Secondly, I look to see if the culture of the company is a good fit for my motivations.

What was one of the first lessons you learned in business?

Be honest with yourself and with others. When you are not, your character and integrity are compromised.