Intern Spotlight – Jessica Hardig

Last, but not least, meet Jessica! She’s supporting our affiliate growth efforts this summer as we partner with major universities.

Jessica Hardig

School: Saint Mary’s College

Major: Business Administration – Marketing

Favorite Quote:  “Keep your face always towards the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” -Walt Whitman

If you could get dinner with any investor or innovator who would it be?  I would love to have dinner with Mark Cuban, because I want to be able to pick his brain and hear advice on him about how he became so successful and hear what advice he would give to me.

What excites you about working for/with Bricleir? I am excited by the ability to work for a brand new company and to help them grow and expand. Being a new company, Bricleir is still working on establishing and building their brand, so I am excited to be able to use my marketing skills and excited by the freedom I am given to determine how Bricleir is going to expand their brand and company image. I am excited to help get the name Bricleir out to the world.

What are you hoping to gain from your experience with Bricleir? I am hoping to gain invaluable skills throughout this summer working with Bricleir. I am looking forward to learning new and honing my previous marketing skills. I am looking forward to hands on experience with building the brand of a company. Beyond this, I am looking forward to growing my professional skills and diving into the business world.