Innovator Spotlight – Katie Lane

Meet Katie Lane from Herman Miller. She has spent the last 17 years touching many parts of the org, including driving business development for new product concepts and other key business initiatives across Herman Miller segments based on experience across multiple global product lines and new product commercialization.

We’re thrilled to continue learning from her as we streamline innovation efforts within large organizations and invite them to collaborate with others in the network.

Katie Lane (Vice President of Enclosures, Herman Miller)

What was the item or activity you couldn’t live without growing up?

Travel. Most of my family is in Germany. I spent a lot of time there growing up, which prompted my eventual interest in International Business.

What is your favorite word or quote?

What comes around goes around.

If you could have one talent you don’t already possess what would it be?

The ability to fix most anything.

What do you look for in a business when funding or choosing to do work with them?

Cultural and brand fit, assuming the financials make sense.

What was one of the first lessons you learned in business?

Always go above and beyond the initial ask. Think about what will be done with the information requested of you, and take it a step further.

Knowing what you know now what would you tell your younger self?

Most things you worry about never come to pass.