Intern Spotlight – Riley Wester

You may remember Riley from her recent Day in the Life video. She’s interning with us this summer while on campus in South Bend. We’re impressed with her eagerness to take on a full schedule and love having her on the team!

Riley Wester

School: University of Notre Dame

Major: IT Managment with a minor in Science, Technology and Values

Favorite Quote:  “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you will ever know” – Winnie the Pooh

If you could get dinner with any investor or innovator who would it be?  Walt Disney. My dad worked for Disney when he was in college and again as an engineer after he graduated. I grew up in a family that loves Disney. We live in Huntington Beach, California and go to Disneyland when we can.

What excites you about working for/with Bricleir? I ran across Bricleir on GoIrish and I’m so glad I did. Bricleir is a very interesting company and I’m really excited to be working with them this summer. I can’t wait to start brainstorming and coming up with some new ideas for the company. Bricleir has some awesome interns this summer and I’m pumped to work with them.

What are you hoping to gain from your experience with Bricleir?  I’m hoping to gain some real life work experience while working with Bricleir this summer. I am on the Notre Dame softball team and I’m excited to see how my team skills apply in the workforce. I’m also hoping to obtain new skill sets that will benefit me in the future.