Founder Spotlight – Ireland Carter

Why Bricleir?

Bricleir is the result of all the lenses I’ve been lucky enough to see through. Whether working in Fortune 500 consulting, early-stage startups, venture capital, or small family businesses, it was clear that there was an opportunity to build a platform that was more efficient in driving business partnerships and fostering a sense of collaboration around all things innovation.

What are you hoping to gain from your experience in the Bricleir trenches?

This is the hardest and easiest role I’ve had so far. Being a first-time female founder has a ton of challenges, but I’m genuinely passionate about what I’m building and who I’ve been able to work with. At the end of the day, I’ll be happy if I can say that I enjoyed the adventure with some great folks and built something of value.

What does innovation mean to you or why do you consider it to be so important?

Both at a micro and macro level, innovation is everything. As humans, I think we’re always interested in improving ourselves and society. After all, what fun is there in just kicking back and thanking the people that came before us for all of their hard work? We’ve got to keep building upon advancements and make our own dent. The coolest part about being in Silicon Valley right now is just how quickly we can iterate with the resources we have at our disposal. Nothing is out of reach.

Who in Silicon Valley would you want to have dinner with?

I’ll tiptoe around this. There are so many incredible people to meet in the valley and I fully intend on making that happen, but the truth is that I’d love a dinner (party) with the supportive folks in my network who are unabashedly themselves. There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with people you’ve grown to know well who are inspiring not just because they’re a kickass founder or investor, but because they’re full of “goodness and grit” and know how to laugh. I’m beyond blessed that the people I’m most in awe of are the ones I’m surrounded by regularly.

Favorite business quote?

“If you build it, he will come.” Yes, this is from Field of Dreams. It’s also one of the many quotes memorized from my first business management class. I’ll never forget when I was introduced to Harvard Case Studies and the world of Fortune 500 management. Just because we build something, doesn’t mean people will come. That being said, faith has never been something I lack and I have to believe that if you build something great, others will notice.

What are you tackling at Bricleir?

Anything and everything. Mostly I love building product and relationships.